Why I Created My Own Brand of Pajamas

I married an African man. He is kind, gentle, thoughtful… and he cooks!

We live in a northern climate. It is cold in the winter. It requires flannel pajamas — something he didn’t have in his tropical wardrobe. 

As winter approached, I went hunting for flannel pajamas for men. I quickly realized that the available styles varied from navy-and-green plaid to red-and-black plaid. These ubiquitous patterns reflect a European heritage. I thought it wise to look for a fabric that reflected my husband’s origins, and my own.

I browsed several department stores. Then specialty boutiques. Then  I scoured the internet for hours. Only to come up empty-handed.  

Are we condemned to wear Scottish pajama prints forever?

Not any more.

My spouse and I decided to deliver alternate options to the masses. Mostly for our brothas and sistas around the USA, Canada and the UK. Those who want the warmth of a flannel and the flair of The Ancestors all in one.

We trademarked Woke Pajamas ™, ordered several samples, made adjustments for our African-American curves and voil√†!

Woke Pajamas™; is coming to you in 2021. We will offer sizes for kids, too. Now the family photos around the holidays will align with our heritage.

Emancipate Your Sleep.

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